#FOODPORN I love food, its simple shapes and its bright colors.
For this reason my first print collection is called #foodporndestrutturato.
Each subject is in a limited edition of 100 collectable copies, printed in very high quality and handcrafted serigraphy.
Four water-based colors, hand printed on 320 g natural A3 Modigliani paper (29,7 cm X 42 cm).
You can buy the complete collection or even individual prints.


Will you be one of the five?
As Willy Wonka in “The Chocolate Factory”, I will put 5 golden tickets in 5 orders of prints that will be sent all over the world, in a totally random way. Who, opening the package, will find the gold ticket, will be the lucky winner of a destrutturato tattoo.
NB: The golden tickets will be placed only in the packages of those who buy the complete collection, i.e all 4 prints.